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Demystifying the Google AdWords Account Invitation System

At Ideal Positions, we offer all of our clients Pay Per Click advertising with full transparency. As part of our efforts to provide said transparency, Ideal Positions will grant clients access to the Google AdWords account we use to manage their marketing campaigns. Each client is able to view the activity in their account by being invited by Ideal Positions into their AdWords account, granting you the ability to see every impression, every click, and every keyword involved in the success of your SEM campaign. This level of transparency is a big part of what makes our service unique.

In the interest of making this process as painless as possible, Ideal Positions’ SEM Department Manager Josh Babbitt has posted two easy-to-follow instructional videos to our YouTube channel. These videos will explain how to accept your Google AdWords Invitation for both users with existing Google accounts (such as Gmail or Google+) as well as users that do not already have an account with Google.

To learn how to accept your Google AdWords Invite, please click on one of the following links:

Video for existing Google users.

Video for users that do not already have a Google account.

For future informational video posts from Ideal Positions, please visit our YouTube Channel.