Local SEO

Local Listings Optimization

Get found by local customers when they search for your business or businesses like yours “near me”.

What is Local SEO?

Local Listings Optimization

Local results—results that contain local business information— are becoming increasingly dominant on the first page of search results on most major Search Engines, as “near me” mobile searches continue to grow 136% year-over-year.

Ideal Positions Local SEO experts focus on optimizing your Google Business Profile, as well as your listings on platforms such as bing Places, Facebook, Yelp, and other online directories, with the result being an increase in visibility for your business listing, and increased traffic to your website.

Google reports that people visit 1.5 billion destinations every month related to their Google searches—Having a well optimized online business listing is more important than ever.

Who Qualifies for Local SEO?

Unlike Ideal Positions’ Fixed-Rate SEM service, not every business is a good candidate for Local SEO services. In order to qualify for Local SEO, your organization should:

Be Local

This means having a physical street address that your business is located at that can be published online. No PO Boxes, rented mailboxes, shared suites, virtual offices, or similar services can be used. Businesses that serve clients at their locations (such as painters, plumbers, and locksmiths) still qualify, but need to be willing to publish a street address. Businesses that operate nationwide (or worldwide) are not eligible unless they have a unique street address for each market targeted.

Be Available

Local SEO can be a time-consuming endeavor, both for Ideal Positions SEO experts and for the organization purchasing the service. It’s important that an authorized representative from your business is readily available to assist Ideal Positions staff in a timely manner throughout the duration of the service. This representative will need to have quick access to your businesses mailing address as well as your main phone line.

Be Stable

Any Local SEO service is a long-term solution, not a short-term one. It can take time to see results, and that time varies from listing to listing. If you plan on changing locations, phone numbers, or web domains anytime soon it’s advisable that you hold-off on Local SEO for the time being. Additionally, organizations that have a change of address, phone number, or web domain on a regular basis would not be a good fit.

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