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Artisanal Search Engine Marketing


Many digital marketing agencies outsource the human element to automation software to cheaply build and manage their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. This hasty philosophy deprives campaigns of well-needed human expertise and insight. Advertising is, above all, a psychological effort: a handcrafted campaign is a smart campaign.

Automated bidding systems regularly fail to discern search intent from queries. Because they can’t keep abreast of current events and the by-the-day changes search engines implement to their algorithms, “set-it-and-forget-it” campaigns are more susceptible to unexpected shifts in the search ecosystem. One sea change can end up drowning your advertising dollar!

At Ideal Positions, our campaigns are steered by seasoned, qualified professionals who work closely together to bring multiple perspectives to every account. Three distinct departments are deeply involved in every account: Customer Service Representatives, Campaign Strategists, and SEM Team Members.

Your relationship with our account management teams begins when you are first contacted by one of our Customer Service Representatives, who introduce our service and demonstrate how crucial it is to work with a trustworthy and experienced digital advertising agency. Our CSRs research the businesses we work with to determine whether you are an ideal fit for our services, and they have the expertise to determine an optimum advertising package for your needs.

When we enter into a business relationship, we introduce you to your own assigned Campaign Strategist. Members of this department maintain close consultant-client relationships, building on the value established by our sales team. Your Campaign Strategist is your new best friend, your go-to contact at Ideal Positions, the person in your corner who will come to know your business’ needs and how we might best exceed your expectations. Together, we develop and implement powerful Internet marketing strategies unique to your business!

Finally, our SEM Team Members work behind the scenes as technicians—essentially, our grease-monkeys!—attentively minding the nitty-gritty of accounts, tweaking and torquing campaigns to maximize the profitability we deliver to our clientèle. Every member of the Campaign Strategist and Search Engine Marketing Teams are Google AdWords Qualified Individuals and Bing Ads Accredited Professionals, and they bring that knowledge to the worktable so that we will continue to earn your business each month!

PPC advertising is both an art and a science. With the combined artistry and technical know-how of our diverse staff, we are certain to have greater success in navigating the turbulent sea of internet marketing together.