Plumber in Tucson, AZ

First of all, you are very welcome for my kind words. You have earned them and deserved them to the fullest extent. Again, I am very content with your services. I have never been more satisfied with any other online advertising service before. I have tried several. All of them make useless promises that they cannot honor. At first, I was, of, course a little skeptical when you called about making an effort and an attempt to sell me a packaged deal, but unlike the rest, you were different from all of your competition.

Ideal Positions is a great service because they made a commitment to keep me happy, and they have well succeeded at just that. Mike you are a great person and are great at what you do. You should win a trophy for capturing my interest first of all, because that is impossible altogether to do, just that entirely. Everything you said you would do, you have done it, without the headache or worry.

Mike, I would say that if these other companies are not using your services, then they are missing out on a really great business opportunity. That is their loss. I am extremely happy with Ideal Positions and will continue to use this service until the very end of the road. I just wanted to thank you for all and the teams efforts there at Ideal Positions.

More importantly, Mike, you are the greatest thing that could have happened to my business possibly for putting me out there like you did. You said the first page….. I am on the first page – as you promised. I understand time, and the budget for the campaign, but for whatever it is worth, I am still smiling. Thank you all again.

Anthony Gravagne, ASG Plumbing (AZ)