Denture Accessories in Freehold, NJ

With your help, we have been quite successful in getting increased sales for our Weber Denture Liners. This is a difficult product to advertise because it is brand new (Pat. Pend.) and most denture wearers who have loose dentures have no idea how to solve the loose denture problem. Our denture liners give them an easy way to have more comfortable dentures at low cost. This means there is no need for expensive visits to see their dentist. Of course, our problem is to find a way to find denture wearers so we can explain to them how we can help them have much more comfortable dentures. What you have done, is to now make it possible for denture wearers find us! Needless to say, we are very pleased with what you have done to help us. Now, it is much easier for our potential customers to find us and everyone benefits.

BTW: you asked me for some denture liners sales figures since we began working with you. We keep these figures daily on a spreadsheet so we can see what is happening. Needless to say, we want to continue working with you because you have helped our sales of this previously almost unknown product so much.

Product: Weber Denture Liners (Google)
Start: 4/8/10 to 5/3/10
What if we Adv With Ideal Positions (Joe)?
ADV. COST= $450.00
Cost per day= $15.00
To Break Even we need to sell 17 units (Denture Liners)
So, if we divided $450.00 by $26.47 that means 17 units need to be sold to Break Even.

Actual Sales as of 5/3/10:
Website Sales $1240.70
eBay Sales $ 653.01
Amazon Sales $ 135.55
Total Sales = $2,029.26
Subtract Adv. cost $450.00 from total sales, leaves $1579.26
Total Units sold = 63. BE was 17 units.
So, now we are 46 units over Breaking Even

Terry Weber, Originals by Weber (NJ)