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Celebrating Memorial Day

Today at Ideal Positions we celebrated our upcoming 4-day weekend Memorial Day holiday with a yummy all you can eat taco bar!  We had a great mix of chicken, carne asada, carnitas, and a delicious vegan crumble option!  To top off the tacos we had some amazing hot sauces from Humboldt Hot Sauce – yummy!…

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Updates to Google AdWords’ Reporting Intervals!

  Last week, Google announced improvements to the AdWords system: more frequent updates of account data! Google has stated that clicks and conversions are usually reported in fewer than three hours, though other data may take six hours or more. This is a fantastic change for search marketers and advertisers alike! In the past, it’s…


Net Neutrality Win!

  Good news, everyone! We’re excited to announce that, today, the US Federal Communications Commission approved a set of new regulations in support of net neutrality! These regulations essentially aim to prohibit Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from creating “internet fast lanes” (also called paid prioritization) to broadband and wireless access. This will include rules against…

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Ideal Positions’ Reporting Suite Has Launched!

As promised in December of 2013, Ideal Positions is launching a new Reporting Suite, and it’s available as of right now! Ideal Positions’ Reporting Suite is available to all current advertising clients that are working with Ideal Positions to drive traffic to their websites using Google AdWords and bing Ads.  To request access to your…

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The History of Ideal Positions

Beginnings The origins of Ideal Positions can be found in the humble setting of a small studio apartment and the ambitious vision of founder and entrepreneur Kelsy Anderson. In the beginning, Kelsy and a small handful of employees sold online advertising exclusively to real estate agencies and realtors on what was then the largest search…